Bloomfields Development Generals

With the increase in admission charges it has been necessary to increase the donation required from members wishing to join this group but the benefits remain the same and indeed make the discounted price for season tickets very attractive.

Details are as follows:

For a donation of £250 per year each member will receive:

  1. Half time hospitality at every home game;
  2. Invitation to lunch twice per season, to be held before first team games in August/September and March/April;
  3. A discount on the price of a season ticket e.g. £100 for normal and £50 for concession.

This money will be solely for the improvement of facilities at Bloomfields as demonstrated last season. This donation will be “gift-aided” which will mean that the government increases this by 25% or £50, members should also claim this as a charitable donation on their tax return for the year.

So to those supporters of the club that want to see facilities improve and also be able to have an input into what improvements take priority, this is your chance to get involved. As BDGs you will also have the benefits as detailed above.

To get a group of interested supporters to invest in the club at a reasonable level to give them tangible benefit and the additional cash being used by the club for improvements to the ground i.e. facilities for supporters.

The scheme will be administered by me and I will be responsible for the accounting of monies and organising the details and liaison with the ground committee etc. All monies will be accounted for in the club’s accounts but managed by me and therefore I will be available to answer any questions.

Create a group of people willing to invest in the club and they will know that a set amount will be available for the development of the facilities at the ground. I have created an initial list of improvements but these can be added to in agreement with the ground committee. If members wish to make additional contributions during the season this will simply be taken as a donation (gift aided) but directed into the BDGs account.

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